Jorge Coelho

Where are you from? How old are you? 

I’m from Lisbon, Portugal, crop of 77…

How did your surroundings impact on your tastes/work?

A lot, I’m a suburban kid that lived deeply through the 90’s, lived in a mixed city with lots of people from different parts of the country and the world too, we where mostly low middle class kids, there was no internet so we met in person and figured out what to do as we went along, improvising games and finding ways to keep our interests, comics were and still are one of the main ways to escape into fantasy…  

Favorite comic book, movie, book, tv show, band, growing up?

Batman Year One, Pulp Fiction, The Art Of War, The Twilight Zone/Star Trek, The Smashing Pumpkins…

Favorite creators and their impact on your work?

During my development years, Frank Miller, John Byrne, Mike Mignola, Arthur Adams and Michael Golden. Right now, it’s mostly Sean Murphy. 

When did you start thinking that writing/drawing/coloring could be your job?

When I broke in! Before it was very difficult to keep the faith, I was already an Illustrator so I was already happy in my skin. But at a deeper level, I dreamt of being a comics artist from about four years old, before knowing how to write and read…

How was the road to get there?

Curvy, fun and unpredictable. Filled of creative experiences and a team effort too as I was (and still am) part of The Lisbon Studio where mutual help and insight were always there for me. 

How´s your work day?

Wake up, bath or gym, something light to eat, coffee, subway, studio, work, lunch, work, subway, home and relax… when on a deadline substitute relax with the most urgent pages…

Tools of the trade?

Pigment! China/Indian Ink all the way with a decent paper, Deleter Maru nibs and Windsor and Newton Series 7 #3 brush, Posca white pen and UHU correction pen, rulers and ellipse templates… 

Best/worst part of the job?

Inking and doing layouts. The worst, deadlines, because you always want to do better.

Creative slumps, do you have them? How do you overcome them?

I always have micro creative slumps at the layouts stage… it’s where I have almost all of my most important doubts and blockages and from where storytelling must flow nicely.

Social life? Possible to have one?

Yes, but mostly between issues and taking in new jobs.

Comic conventions? Yay or nay?

Yay, it’s the place to meet and communicate directly to readers, that are our bosses.

Favorite gig?

John Flood.

Dream gig?

Sandman WITH Neil Gaiman.

Thoughts on the medium as it stands today?

There´s a lack of respect/education from politically motivated groups for writers and artists,  but at the same time there´s a  beautiful variety and quality of different works being done today. Not necessarily matched with sales which is surreal, at least that´s my take on it.

Creator owned versus non creator owned?

Both! Virtues and what not, in both.

Jorge Coelho,  illustrator/ cartoonist, he currently works for the American market for publishers like Marvel Comics (Rocket Raccoon, Haunted Mansion, Loki Agent of Asgard, Agent Venom), BOOM! Studios (John Flood, Sleepy Hollow, Polarity) and Image Comics (Zero).

Twitter: @JCoelhoPT

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