After ‘The Suggestionists’, his triumphal exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in 2015, the fans of the visual polymath Jamie Hewlett heard what they expected for long – a book containing his best-of was in the works. The cult around the English artist and designer had been demanding a substantial publication of his different projects for long now.
The co-creation of Gorillaz, with the equally versatile Damon Albarn, made his popularity transcend by large the one he had already acquired with his iconic Tank Girl.
The 2006 publication of ‘Rise of the Ogre’ responded to the public’s craving to learn more about the virtual band but, containing few unpublished images, it didn’t fully satisfied the growing chorus of Hewlett’s fans.
This new monograph took a year extra than what was originally announced but the result is impressive.

The multilingual publication of ‘Inside the Mind of Jamie Hewlett’ was edited by Julius Wiedemann, one of the most acclaimed names of the publishing house Taschen. It spans two decades of revolutionary work and it contains more than 400 images.
Next to the post-apocalyptic punk-pop universes of the Gorillaz and Tank Girl, it sports sketches, posters, comic pages and illustrations from other projects. The extravagant production of the ‘Monkey: Journey to the West’ opera, co-created with his old collaborator Albarn and directed by Chen Shi-Zheng, deserved its own chapter.

Tarot cards, inspired by Jodorowsky.

On December, the 7th, the artist will be signing copies of this instantaneous classic at the official Taschen store, in London.
ISBN 978-3-8365-6093-1

p.s.: the artist is producing a Gorillaz animated series that should come out in 2018