Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

11 January

The Teen Titans are a good example of how classical pop creations from the comics world can survive and evolve in unforeseen contexts and media. Having been created in 1964 with the gathering of Kid Flash, Robin, Aqualad and Wonder Girl, the team only became a true popular phenomenon with its 1980s return through Marv Wolfman writing and George Pérez’ celebrated linework. Their new title, The New Teen Titans, defined a fundamental version of the group by introducing characters such as Starfire, Raven or Cyborg which, due to its iconic nature has been perpetuated even beyond comics.
Cartoon Network, from 2003 to 2006, showed Teen Titans, an animated series ambiciously ended with TV long feature, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. In 2013, a new mutation – the characters canonised by Wolfman and Pérez return to Cartoon Network in Teen Titan Go!
Breaking with the previous screenwriting, heavily inspired by the 80s comic run, the new series, more humorous with chibiesque designs, replaces epic for ephemeral by exploring the day to day life of the young super-heroes in their HQ.
Crowning this strange evolution, its first full movie theatre feature Teen Titans Go! to the Movies (a.k.a. Teen Titans Go!: The Movie) has been announced by Warner/DC Entertainment in partnership with Cartoon Network.
It comes out in July, the 27th, and here is its first trailer:


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