SOLO – the teaser

05 February

Here it is, at the mercy and for the delight of the fans, the first teaser of the much debated Solo: A Star Wars Story. In hot pursuit of yesterday’s Super Bowl, after today millions of fans can swoon and dissect every single frame of the newest sample of the movie that promises to reveal the origins of the galaxy’s most famous anti-hero.
Its directing was started by the cult duo Lord & Miller, but, famously, creative disputes with the studio and, in particular, the veteran Lawrence Kasdan, led to their replacement for Ron Howard.
With all these challenges, the Millenium Falcon is still on its trajectory and Disney confirmed the original release date: May the 25th of 2018. More than a red letter day in the calendar, this is the auspicious anniversary of the original 1977 premiere of Star Wars: A New Hope.


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