Return to the inner side

06 February

Trips to the underworld are one of the most ancient themes in the history of adventure narrative. Mystery tales by definition, they have linked geographic and symbolic exploration, the cave being a rocky and spiritual place at the same time.
From the Goddess Innana’s descent to the deep to Dante and Virgil’s infernal journey, the most famous of those quests may very well be the Journey to the Center of the Earth, written by Verne in 1864.

To illustrate a classic can be, in itself, a quest and the Italian illustrator Matteo Berton has dedicated four years to the intervolcanic journey of Verne’s heroes. Famous for his work in top periodicals (New Yorker, Der Spiegel, Monocle, etc*) Berton applied his elegant game of color and shape in a graphic-novel / illustration hybrid that La Pasteque has just published. Unmissable.

* extra: some samples of Berton’s press work


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