08 January

BOOM! Studios has announced an English edition of Perséphone, a GN originally published by French publisher Delcourt, last year.
This alternative version of this Greek Underworld goddess’s tory is authored by Loïc Locatelli-Kournwsky, the Japan based 30 year old French author, who previously published Pocahontas, through Sarbacane books.
With a rather personal approach, Loïc, formerly known by his pseudonym Renart, moves the narrative of the daughter of the Goddess Demeter away from togas and classic Mediterranean views and places it in an original context.
Sporting a clear influence of the master Hayao Miyazaki, Loïc defines the young heroine’s adventure as a ‘quest for identity’.

BOOM! Will debut the English version of this new vision of Persephone’s subterranean voyage under its Archaia imprint in May.


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