Fence, the ongoing series

09 January

Australian writer C. S. Pacat became famous when, after the online success of her Captive Prince romance and the buzz around her self-edition, its publishing rights were acquired by the giant Penguin Random House.
The romance turned into a trilogy and much was speculated around what would be her next project. To great surprise, Pacat embarked in the writing of a comics miniseries.
Fence, one of many titles in the growing wave of titles between the labels of comics and manga, is now an ongoing series published by Boom Box, one of BOOM! Studios imprints.
The story follows a group of young men from the world of fencing and it is one of 2017 obvious phenomenons.

Drawing it is another name with a strong online cult, Johanna the Mad, her linework supported by Joana Lafuente’s Colors.
In April, Fence #5 comes out accompanied by Fence Vol. 1 Discover Now Edition, a compilation of the previous four issues which will not be solicited or printed ever again.

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